Fabric Printing

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Fabric Printing

Fabric printing offers signage and graphics customers a wonderful new world of opportunities to explore as a complement to current solutions, and it’s becoming the preferred choice for high quality printing.

Dye Sublimation

To create our fabric graphics we use a process called Dye sublimation. This process prints ink on to specialised paper and using very extreme heat (generally around 200 degrees celsius) and vigorous pressure infuses the ink from the paper into the fabric. This ensures stunning HD quality graphics with eye catching colours.

Flexibility is also a really important benefit from using fabrics. Fabric is much a much easier solution to install and store. Any creases can be ironed out like a piece of clothing and the solutions can also be washed to remove stains. Whether it’s a trade show, a retail store, a corporate office or an event, there is a fabric solution to suit.

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