Diageo Trade Show

Diageo Trade Show

We were approached by TAG/Williams Lea working on behalf of Diageo to provide a solution for two trade show stands they required. The challenge was that they were looking for a continuos graphic to cover the whole back and two side walls of two Shell Schemes (similar to shell scheme below).

This normally poses a problem as the uprights in the shell scheme stand out 25mm from the back wall so traditionally the only way  to do this would be with rigid printed panels built out from the back wall which can be very unsightly as there are many joins in the graphic. This is where our Triga system and our superwide Fabric Printing capability came in.

How Triga Works on Shell Schemes


This hanging and tensioning system allowed us to produce one seamless fabric graphic for each of the two stands. Both were 2.45 metres high with the Guinness graphic being 14 metres long and the Diageo Spirits Graphic being 13 metres.So one seamless graphic, as the customer requested, printed at the highest quality possible.


The Final piece of the jigsaw is the digitally printed exhibition grade carpet which is one of a wide range digitally printed carpet fabrics which Cuspal have the Irish Agency for.