Portable Display Systems

display systems created by Triga for Fender

Cuspal offer the widest range of Portable Display Systems for both indoor and outdoor use. Our range includes new fabric systems that make full use of the quality and flexibility of fabric. All our systems are designed to be highly portable and very easy for one person to assemble. 

Portable Fabric Display Systems

Our Fabric Display Systems come in all shapes and sizes. Unlike traditional display systems all the fabric prints are produced in one piece so there is no longer the need for unsightly joins in your graphics. Fabric Graphics are also lighter than traditional prints so your system becomes even easier to transport. Select from large curved or straight systems to smaller banner-stand type systems, there is a solution for all requirements.

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Pop-up Systems

Pop-up display systems are one of the quickest and simplest ways of creating effective backdrops or exhibition stands. With a clever frame system that clicks together with ease, your display is ready in minutes. Complete your look with lights and a Pop-up counter or tower.

We have a wide range of Pop-up systems including straight and curved systems and all systems are supplied with top quality graphics.

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Banner Stands

Banner Stands are a cost effective and easy to use solution to get your message across. There are a huge range of options available from roll-up systems to tension systems. There is a banne stand solution for every application. Check out our Catalogue page for a full look at all the options.

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Triga Fabric Tension Display System

Triga’s tool-less modular fabric displays create virtually no limits to the design possibilities you can bring to your next exhibit. From three-dimensional towers and free-standing billboards to back-walls and booths. Triga’s tensioned fabric displays let your imagination soar. What’s more, Triga’s materials are extraordinarily lightweight. For example, a 30m long wall that stands 2.4m tall weighs less than 180kg. And the best part? You won’t need a single tool to fashion your creations. That’s because Triga’s patented tensioning devices and modular design makes assembly extremely fast and easy.

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