Eircom to Eir

Eircom to Eir

Cuspal Ltd was contracted by Eircom to manufacture and the install the new signage to support their re-brand from Eircom to Eir.

The particular job consisted of 1 fully illuminated Perspex sign, 6 Stainless Steel Halo Lit signs each measuring 3.1 metres by 2.07 meters and 6 non- illuminated. These signs are located at five different locations, three in Dublin, one in Limerick and one in Belfast.

The 6 illuminated stainless steel signs consist of built up letters which are halo lit with LED’s. The real challenge was that our client requested that the halo lighting should change colour using a colour pallet of eight corporate colours initially with maybe more in the future. While the sign was a flat face built-up sign there was also a requirement for the logo to have a three dimensional appearance, ie that the joined up script would look like the stroke of some of the letters actually overlap.



The one fully illuminated Perspex sign is a built up “Eir” logo made from 5mm Perspex, cut to shape. It has 120mm Perspex return also made from 5mm Perspex. These all sit on a back tray which house the LEDS system as described below.

To give the 3 dimensional look to the signs we printed a shadow effect on 3M Opti Clear vinyl and applied it to the front of all the signs. This had the required effect.

To provide the required colour pallet for the LED lighting we installed GE Tetra Max Red Green & Blue LEDS which are the three primary colours. These are fed to a touch screen controller which mixes these primary colours to match the required colour pallet. This controller also controls the timing of the colour changes. These colour changing signs are all in key locations.



This project was delivered on time and contributed to a hugely successful launch of the Eir brand.